Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You’re welcome to join us for a complimentary class. Email us at ericashepherd@fit4mom.com to sign up for your free session.

How do I know if Fit4Mom is for me?

Fit4Mom offers workouts for every stage of your motherhood journey.

  • Bring your little ones to Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre.
  • Want something more intense or need to get in shape fast? Try our BodyBack and BodyBack Boost classes.
  • All of our classes offer variations of exercises to make a great workout for every fitness level, whether you are brand new to fitness, or are an ultra marathoner.. we've got you covered to leave feeling strong & confident!

Looking for a community of supportive and encouraging women who will help you reach your goals? That comes with the whole package :) We have Moms Nights Out, playdates, family workouts, and more.


Where do you meet?

We offer Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre Classes Monday through Friday. We meet at a different park in Tustin or Irvine each morning. To find out where we are meeting, check our schedule (posted every Sunday) on Facebook, Instagram, email: ericashepherd@fit4mom.com, or sign up for our Newsletter.

What should I bring to class?

We suggest you bring a yoga mat or towel, a water bottle, and a sweat towel if needed. If you’re participating in Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre, you may want to bring your child's favorite toy, snack, or book -&- don't forget your stroller!

Will the workouts be too hard if I’m pregnant or just had a baby?

All of our classes offer modifications for all fitness levels. Let your instructor know if you have any previous/recent injuries, or health issues that require you to reduce intensity .

Always check with your doctor before starting a new workout program.

What if it’s raining?

We very rarely cancel class. If it is raining, we meet at Pioneer Road Park, Tustin under the fully enclosed picnic table area.

If class does need to be cancelled, we will cancel class 15-30 minutes prior to class start time and assure to alert all members via email, Facebook, and Instagram.

What if my baby starts to cry during class?

We’re moms; we get it.

You may bring an infant carrier and properly secure your child in it, then utilize the modifications and resume your workout - or- Tend to your baby and join back in when you can.

What is the Village Mom’s Club?

We’re not just a workout group, we’re a village! Our members bond and laugh through fitness -&- motherhood, which has created more of a sisterhood in motherhood. We are always rooting each other on in all aspects of life.

Village Mom's Club will help you on every step of your fitness -&- motherhood journey - while also including play dates, moms’ night outs, and a secret Facebook group to connect with your fellow moms.