I have two kids. Kate(4 1/2) is my social butterfly. Jack(19months) is my fearless adventurer. I have been involved with Fit4Mom for four years. I've loved every moment of it-even when I could hardly sit down because I was so sore!

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I have been doing Stroller Strides Irvine/Tustin for over 2 years now and I can honestly say it has saved my sanity. When we first moved here... no friends, no family... it was a great way to meet like minded moms, get a workout in and play at the park all at the same time. As a former university athlete who has been through countless programs and trainers (some of which got on my nerves!) Lynsey knows how to push you further without getting in your face. Additionally, it was important that I continue to work out while pregnant with my 2nd and I felt confident in her ability to tailor the workout for the prenatal and postpartum body. It gets a little harder to find the time to work out with two kids, but knowing that Stroller Strides there 3x/week, I make it a priority. I can't recommend it enough!


I have had an awesome journey since I joined Body back and Stroller Strides of Irvine/Tustin. My perspective towards working out and healthy eating has changed! I not only lost weight but feel stronger and empowered! Most importantly, working out became fun! I look forward to working out, laughing and sweating with wonderful ladies. Join us!! You will definitely enjoy it as much as I do!!


As a first time mom Stroller Strides Irvine/Tustin has been amazing for me! It is so nice to get out of the house and start the day with a pretty intense workout while surrounded by positive, friendly, and down to earth women. It has really added a whole new dimension to our lives which im so thankful for.


Fit for Mom has changed me life! Lynsey is amazing and nothing short of inspiring as well as the rest of the great women involved in this organization. I got my pre-baby body back and much more. I feel empowered, educated, strong, healthy and part of a phenomenal community.

Thank you so much for all you do. I feel blessed to have connected with this organization.Did one of your 100's workouts yesterday kicked my booty! I still refer to the recipes, advice and lifestyle that you advocate. Thanks for all you do and being you- so positive and inspiring!

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As many of you know I have been in the Body Back workout group for the most of the last year. It is such a wonderful group of moms. I love the camaraderie, encouragement and accountability of this group. Lynsey has made such a difference not just for me but for my family. We eat much healthier and I have more energy to take care of my family. A bonus is having girl chat time in between the workouts. Love seeing our Body Back girls a couple of times a week.

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As a first time mom, I struggled with managing motherhood, my career, and fitness. I lacked energy, motivation, and felt so guilty leaving my baby girl, even for just one hour. When I decided I was going to finally get back into shape, preferably by my daughter's first birthday, I decided that this time I wanted to try something different. Something that would actually yield results!! Body back was exactly what I was looking for and it was conveniently scheduled for a busy mom like myself! I wanted a good workout but got so much more! I couldn't have achieved the same results without Lynsey or the support of the other moms.

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Fit4Mom Irvine/Tustin has changed my life! It is the 1st success I have

had with weight loss and fitness in my adult life. I have changed how

Iook at food how I exercise and how I treat myself. I will never go

back to my old way of life. Thank you Lynsey for giving me this gift!


As soon as I moved to Tustin two and a half years ago, I was determined to find an outlet where I could get myself and my then 15-month old daughter involved with the outside world. I was really ready for a change in my life and needed to do something about it. Found Stroller Strides in the paper, tried it, and loved it! It was exactly what I needed. Fresh air, daily exercise, meeting other new moms, socializing, playdates for the kids, etc. I immediately felt happy and alive again. Over the past years with Stroller Strides (now called Fit4Mom), I have come to make so many new friends, acquaintances, and connections that I finally feel like I have found “home” in California.

Fast forward to a year and a half later, I tried Body Back. Now THAT was the huge game-changer. Sure, Stroller Strides kept me active and social, but what I learned and did in Body Back has changed my life since. To this day, I now read all food labels, and not just because my son is allergic to various ingredients, but because I want to make sure that what I feed my family is not full of...


Over a year ago, I registered for my first Body Back class… you know, for all the same reasons you signed up for Body Back or you think you should sign up for Body Back. I was ready to tackle the exercise portion of the experience but I was a bit hesitant about the diet. It wasn’t because I was not willing to narrow my eating to 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. It wasn’t even because I’ve never consumed that much water in a day before in my life. Okay – it was partially because I was going to have to Just Say No to sweets AND booze. But I was mostly concerned about buying the ingredients needed for all the recipes. Who did these ingredients think they were – about to invade my pantry and fridge?! Was I going to enjoy them? Or better yet – was my family going to enjoy them? Instead, I perused the various food journals and made mental notes about portion size and what foods were a part of the “in crowd.”

After eight weeks of sticking to my guns and sweating my tail off, I achieved more than I ever expected! (…Which is to be expected if you follow the rules and do what your BB...


Wondering if you should join the upcoming session of Body Back(starts Saturday, August 3rd)? There is so much value in being a healthy mom who then raises a healthy home!

Back in April, I stepped out of my comfort zone and enrolled in Body Back. The old Jennifer would never have done something like this. Join a workout group with people that I’ve never met before? Leave my baby while I go workout? I can still remember the anxiety I felt that day leading up to my first class…This isn’t me, I’m too shy of person to join a group of moms that I don’t know, what if Oliver needs me but I’m not there, I should just message Lynsey and let her know that I’m not going to be able to be part of Body Back. I had a million excuses lined up, but I did it! I went to class that night and ran a mile- the first time I had ran in about a year and a half. I did a grand total of 3 push-ups and wasn’t even able to do a single sit-up. I felt pretty discouraged but Lynsey’s inspiring words combined with seeing the other moms kept me motivated. I was ready for a change. And boy was I was about to...


This past February, my little family of four relocated to Irvine, where my husband’s work had been taking him each week for nearly three years. The move was welcomed, as it meant we would all get to be together in our own house every day, but it meant being away from our network of family and friends that we had become so dependent on. The move also meant I was officially a Stay at Home Mom instead of a Working Mom. New house, new town, new routine - or lack thereof! Life was good, but I was missing. I knew I needed to find a group of moms, people I could relate to and hopefully gain mom wisdom from! I also needed to find a way to start exercising again, and preferably with the kiddos in tow since I didn’t have anyone I could leave the kids with. And I really just needed something I could commit to doing every day, something that would push me to get the kids and myself out of the house every day, something besides just running errands!

So it was, that while on our way to the neighborhood grocery store one morning, I saw exactly what I was looking for: a group of moms...


Our FIT4MOM theme for September is Back To School, Back To You. It seems like September is like the start of a new year for moms. You will undoubtedly need to create a new schedule for your family. You'll need to set times to get up, get fed, get homework done, etc. And hopefully, you will set time for you. We are all moms of different stages. Many of you don't even have kids in school yet. But no matter. You need to schedule some time for you.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins once said,

“If you talk about it, it's a dream, if you envision it, it's possible, but if you schedule it, it's real.”

We want you to make mom first a reality by scheduling it. It's not selfish or a luxury. It's not decadent or impossible. Making time for mom is a gift to your family. You will be happier, healthier and less stressed. So, when can it happen?

- Can you wake up just a bit earlier?

- Can you workout when your kids are at school?

- Can you take an hour to yourself on weekends?

- Can you take a mommy time out for just 10 minutes before making...


Rebounding from pregnancy and delivery is a process. You think that you should lose the baby weight and be back where you were before. Here is the reality of the postpartum woman: It took nine months to gain the weight, allow at least that long on the way back.

In addition to your body housing a growing baby and the extra weight it took on for the job, many other changes occurred. The hormone relaxin was released in your body to loosen your joints. This hormone helped your pelvis adjust for your growing baby. Just because you delivered your beautiful bundle of joy, doesn't mean your skeletal structure returns to its previous position. Your hips bones may be wider, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Muscular changes are also apparent; a lengthened trapezius, hand-in-hand with tightened pectorals, lead to forward shoulders. The weight of the breasts can cause discomfort as milk production begins, as well. The energy needed to care for a newborn can lead to fatigue and muscle pain. All that being said, go easy on yourself.

Beginning a workout after giving...


After over two years of coaching Body Back, and after a decade of being a consistent learner of nutrition and fitness I believe the difference Body Back provides is nutritional education & accountability, HIIT training, all while doing it in community! We were not designed to do it alone. Life is much richer with others around us! When we fall, they help pick us up, when we accomplish, they are cheering for us, and when we are discouraged they are there to help, listen and care.

There are many options in regards to ones fitness but when looking for fitness paired with nutrition the options are minimal. I want women to have a place of pushing themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of, dare to dream big, silence the negative voices in their heads that say they cannot & have the energy and strength to live life fully! Carpe Diem!

If you are in a place where you have tried everything, yet you have not found what works for you, I encourage you to try Body Back. Body Back has been the only kind of program that has worked for me in regards to...


If you are a mom or not, getting motivated to start working out is half the battle! Then once you have children the battle can even seem bigger! Here are some helpful tips that have helped me get into a regular workout routine:

Prep everything the night before: Make snacks & lunches for kids, prep for breakfast, clothes set out for kids and workout clothes for myself, my water & workout gear in my car.

I have found a day that starts with exercise is a better day all around! I will think, "Oh today, I have no class, I will have so much more energy!" Yet every time, without fail, I have less energy, less motivated, and tend to have more mommy melt downs than the days I get us in the car and off to class!

Sometimes we all will feel mommy guilt! "Oh my girls, they do not like Stroller Strides(due to tantrums and/or crying), maybe I shouldn't make them go anymore..." But after thinking about it, my whole day is dedicated to them. Taking one hour for myself helps them to learn patience, and not having everything in their world revolve around them, is an...


Gym membership. Barre. Yoga. Pilates. Zumba. Personal Trainer. I have done (tried?) them all. Stroller Strides is different. For me, it has offered a better value, a stronger community, and a whole lot more fun!

First, Stroller Strides sets itself apart by offering workouts that are customizable for any stage of motherhood. Pregnant? Recent marathon finisher? Post partum? Just plain sleep deprived? No problem, there is a pace and level for every woman each day. I joined Stroller Strides just 6 weeks after my second unplanned C-section. I was so nervous as I prepared to go to that first class with not only my newborn, but also my 2 ½ year old. As my husband prepared to leave for work, he reassured me that it would be ok if all I did that first day was walk. Well, I didn’t have to “just walk” because nearly every exercise could be adapted for my recovering body. And I could continue to adapt everything as I gradually got stronger and back to my pre-pregnancy self without ever overdoing it. I’ve been sore from a Stroller Strides class, but never too sore to...


Growing up my dad would always say, "You just have to find something you love!" In Junior High, I tried out for a few sports, but didn't make the fist cut. I heard a very clear message, "You're not good enough." I decided to not "compete", not try. I never cared for working out, and I tried everything. Once I got to college, I had the 24-Hour membership, like we all have. I would go 3 times a week, and do my 8 machines with 3 sets of 12, so I could continue to eat my favorite Mexican food without gaining "too much weight."

Fast forward a decade and I found myself at home with a 2 1/2 year-old who challenged me in every way possible and a 4-month old who cried 1-2 hrs every night between 12-2am. My husband had gone back to school while being an attorney at a law firm -- he was working 14-16 hr days, 6 days a week. I will never forget looking at the clock, it was only 8:30am, and yet I had felt as if I had been up for 5 hrs already! A dear friend of mine told me about Stroller Strides. I had my doubts as she said it was a really good workout! This friend is and...