Darlene Tran

As soon as I moved to Tustin two and a half years ago, I was determined to find an outlet where I could get myself and my then 15-month old daughter involved with the outside world. I was really ready for a change in my life and needed to do something about it. Found Stroller Strides in the paper, tried it, and loved it! It was exactly what I needed. Fresh air, daily exercise, meeting other new moms, socializing, playdates for the kids, etc. I immediately felt happy and alive again. Over the past years with Stroller Strides (now called Fit4Mom), I have come to make so many new friends, acquaintances, and connections that I finally feel like I have found “home” in California.

Fast forward to a year and a half later, I tried Body Back. Now THAT was the huge game-changer. Sure, Stroller Strides kept me active and social, but what I learned and did in Body Back has changed my life since. To this day, I now read all food labels, and not just because my son is allergic to various ingredients, but because I want to make sure that what I feed my family is not full of crap, to put it mildly. I seriously started to “like” cooking a little bit. I now read recipes, shop for ingredients I had never heard of prior to BB, and eat food I have never eaten before.

The entire eight weeks I was in BB, I struggled so hard with changing my eating habits. At times, I almost gave up. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It ranks way up there with making it through grad school! But Lynsey changed my perspective. She basically told us that sacrificing only eight weeks of changing our eating habits for the better is really not much time at all to give up. A very good point. So, I stuck with it for the eight weeks. And low and behold, I was fitting into my prebaby clothes again! But the most important part is that since I’ve completed BB, I have so much more interest in what’s in the foods we eat, how to prepare healthy (or healthier) meals, and introducing these foods to my husband and kids. I am happy to say that one year later, I am still following BB methods. My husband is also making positive food and exercise changes himself, and my kids, well, I still can’t get a whole lot of veggies in them, but yet they both will drink that kale smoothie without a second thought!