Devon Anderson

This past February, my little family of four relocated to Irvine, where my husband’s work had been taking him each week for nearly three years. The move was welcomed, as it meant we would all get to be together in our own house every day, but it meant being away from our network of family and friends that we had become so dependent on. The move also meant I was officially a Stay at Home Mom instead of a Working Mom. New house, new town, new routine - or lack thereof! Life was good, but I was missing. I knew I needed to find a group of moms, people I could relate to and hopefully gain mom wisdom from! I also needed to find a way to start exercising again, and preferably with the kiddos in tow since I didn’t have anyone I could leave the kids with. And I really just needed something I could commit to doing every day, something that would push me to get the kids and myself out of the house every day, something besides just running errands!

So it was, that while on our way to the neighborhood grocery store one morning, I saw exactly what I was looking for: a group of moms and their Bobs, Phils and Teds. I had found Stroller Strides! It was the perfect solution. It gave me a time commitment to get out the door and exercise every day, with the kids right there with me. The price was right. There were other moms for me to socialize with. There were other kids for mine to play at the park with. And the bonus?? Once a month, we have a moms night out! Who knew that leaving the hubby and kids for a few hours could be so refreshing and reenergizing?!? In finding Stroller Strides, I truly found the supportive community I was needing to help keep me on track with leading the balanced, healthy life I wanted for myself and my family.

Making healthy choices has always been important to me - I mean, I made health and wellness my profession. But even as a health care professional, it’s easy to get lazy. I know I’ll always try to make smart choices when it comes to feeding my family. And for the most part, I’m pretty good about making sure I get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and minimize stress in my life. But since having kids, I have been terrible about making time for regular exercise, and even worse about making some time for just me. As moms, we so often put our families first, and forget the importance of taking care of ourselves. Staying healthy isn’t just about staying fit and eating right, it’s also about caring for your whole self - physically, mentally, emotionally. Now that I am back on track with leading a healthier, well-rounded lifestyle, and making sure I make time for me, I feel like I found myself again! With me back in the picture, I feel like I’m getting to be the mom/wife I want to be. I’ve shared so many more laughs, hugs, and smiles with not only my kids, but with my husband too...and if love and laughter aren’t healthy, then I don’t know what is!