Getting there is half the battle...

If you are a mom or not, getting motivated to start working out is half the battle! Then once you have children the battle can even seem bigger! Here are some helpful tips that have helped me get into a regular workout routine:

Prep everything the night before: Make snacks & lunches for kids, prep for breakfast, clothes set out for kids and workout clothes for myself, my water & workout gear in my car.

I have found a day that starts with exercise is a better day all around! I will think, "Oh today, I have no class, I will have so much more energy!" Yet every time, without fail, I have less energy, less motivated, and tend to have more mommy melt downs than the days I get us in the car and off to class!

Sometimes we all will feel mommy guilt! "Oh my girls, they do not like Stroller Strides(due to tantrums and/or crying), maybe I shouldn't make them go anymore..." But after thinking about it, my whole day is dedicated to them. Taking one hour for myself helps them to learn patience, and not having everything in their world revolve around them, is an amazing learning opportunity! I have never wanted to raise selfish children. I have asked them to "work with me" which has been such an awesome learning curve for them to get outside of their world and look for ways they can help, lead and care for others!

Plan for success and prep the night before! Making fitness and health a priority can also teach your children many valuable characteristics in a caring community! Make this fall awesome with fitness and health for you and your family by setting a healthy example!