Jennifer Metz

Wondering if you should join the upcoming session of Body Back(starts Saturday, August 3rd)? There is so much value in being a healthy mom who then raises a healthy home!

Back in April, I stepped out of my comfort zone and enrolled in Body Back. The old Jennifer would never have done something like this. Join a workout group with people that I’ve never met before? Leave my baby while I go workout? I can still remember the anxiety I felt that day leading up to my first class…This isn’t me, I’m too shy of person to join a group of moms that I don’t know, what if Oliver needs me but I’m not there, I should just message Lynsey and let her know that I’m not going to be able to be part of Body Back. I had a million excuses lined up, but I did it! I went to class that night and ran a mile- the first time I had ran in about a year and a half. I did a grand total of 3 push-ups and wasn’t even able to do a single sit-up. I felt pretty discouraged but Lynsey’s inspiring words combined with seeing the other moms kept me motivated. I was ready for a change. And boy was I was about to get a big one.

Because of Body Back, I learned about eating the right foods and more importantly the right amount of those foods. I learned about the right kind of workouts. But most important of all, I learned that I can do this! I am a mom. I am strong. I learned that it is so very important for me to take the time for myself to stay healthy. Before starting Body Back, I was a wreck. My emotions were out of control, I was overweight, and worst of all I was unhappy. An unhappy mama makes for an unhappy family and I don’t ever want to put my little family through that again. They deserve the best mama that I can be, and because of Body Back I learned that I, too, deserve something. I deserve a little time to myself to get a workout in. I even deserve to treat myself with something (preferably not with food) every once and a while.

Since completing my first Body Back class, Oliver and I have now started coming to Stroller Strides on a regular basis. I am so happy that I have finally found a good routine of working out and I get to do it with my baby! Seeing his smiling face is exactly what I need after Lynsey makes us do 50 crunches. Continuing to do Stroller Strides has been such a positive experience. My husband and I are both much more active than we have ever been. We go for walks almost every night and we are even running a half marathon together at the end of the summer. We both want to show Oliver the importance of living a healthy life.

I can honestly say that my experience with Body Back/Stroller Strides of Irvine/Tustin has changed my life forever!