Jodie Hoffman

Over a year ago, I registered for my first Body Back class… you know, for all the same reasons you signed up for Body Back or you think you should sign up for Body Back. I was ready to tackle the exercise portion of the experience but I was a bit hesitant about the diet. It wasn’t because I was not willing to narrow my eating to 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. It wasn’t even because I’ve never consumed that much water in a day before in my life. Okay – it was partially because I was going to have to Just Say No to sweets AND booze. But I was mostly concerned about buying the ingredients needed for all the recipes. Who did these ingredients think they were – about to invade my pantry and fridge?! Was I going to enjoy them? Or better yet – was my family going to enjoy them? Instead, I perused the various food journals and made mental notes about portion size and what foods were a part of the “in crowd.”

After eight weeks of sticking to my guns and sweating my tail off, I achieved more than I ever expected! (…Which is to be expected if you follow the rules and do what your BB trainer tells you to do!) But more importantly, I found something that worked for me so I just kept registering and coming back for more! I loved the weekly reminders, I loved being inspired by new Body Backers who were so motivated get their bods back, and I loved having a food guideline to help me maintain what I had achieved.

Which brings us to 12 months after my first session and a month-long Body Back hiatus. Now I’m human like the rest of us (and by rest of us I’m NOT referring to the hardbody moms on the DVDs) and good habits have slipped. I started writing things off as special occasions (i.e., popcorn AND candy AND soda at a second viewing of Monster’s University) and made dates to exercise that I blew off without a second thought. Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t “un-back my body” or anything, but I had a definite foothold in my red-zone threshold (AKA – the gateway to the “before” me). Bottom line – I was counting down the days to the next session so I could go at it again – just as hardcore as I did the first time.

This time, however, I was willing to deal with all the ingredients! The beginning of the session aligned with the start of the academic school year for my kids so I was a bit busy and hoping I could scrape together a few meals to eat (and photograph for my new session’s Facebook group). Shockingly, I was posting a photo of almost every single meal I was eating. Somehow, I had unconsciously stocked my pantry and fridge with the same ingredients I needed for the journal recipes. And I’m not talking about five days of the same meals and snacks. I’m talking variety… I’m talking – “What am I in the mood for? Oh hey – I’ve got the ingredients to make this or this or this!”

As much as I thought I had left Body Back by the wayside and was homesteading my plot in Temptationville, Sweets County in the state of North Portion-Control-Wha?, I apparently wasn’t as far gone as I thought. Body Back has been a life altering blip in my timeline. Somewhere along the way I made a permanent decision to make healthier choices for me AND my family. Yes – we all veer a little here and there for fun, but the point is that I’m back and ready to get down to business… And that’s apparently in my bones for life!