Tried it all?

Gym membership. Barre. Yoga. Pilates. Zumba. Personal Trainer. I have done (tried?) them all. Stroller Strides is different. For me, it has offered a better value, a stronger community, and a whole lot more fun!

First, Stroller Strides sets itself apart by offering workouts that are customizable for any stage of motherhood. Pregnant? Recent marathon finisher? Post partum? Just plain sleep deprived? No problem, there is a pace and level for every woman each day. I joined Stroller Strides just 6 weeks after my second unplanned C-section. I was so nervous as I prepared to go to that first class with not only my newborn, but also my 2 ½ year old. As my husband prepared to leave for work, he reassured me that it would be ok if all I did that first day was walk. Well, I didn’t have to “just walk” because nearly every exercise could be adapted for my recovering body. And I could continue to adapt everything as I gradually got stronger and back to my pre-pregnancy self without ever overdoing it. I’ve been sore from a Stroller Strides class, but never too sore to go back the next day. Now, 5 months later (and baby-weight free!), I can continue to increase intensity to ensure that I continue to get a great workout.

Moreover, I don’t have to hire a babysitter or a personal trainer to “get ‘er done.” Stroller Strides offers unlimited classes that include both of my children for roughly the price of my Starbucks habit. There simply is no better way to fit a stage-appropriate (I won’t say age-appropriate) one-hour workout into our busy lives. And the more classes we attend, the cheaper each one is. Even the Starbucks App can’t compete with that! Of course, the support of other moms who are brought together by the common values of fitness and family also can only be found at Stroller Strides. Whether it is advice on a good sports bra for breastfeeding (Fiona by Moving Comfort; yes, the one with Velcro; watch for clearance sales on, or just a place to go everyday besides your mailbox, Stroller Strides has you, your kiddos, and, well, your tatas, covered.

Finally, I’ve heard yoga-philes sometimes describe a need to “go back to the mat.” I understand them to mean that they occasionally need to return to fundamentals as a way of confirming that yoga is always there for them. For me, Stroller Strides has become a bit of a mat. Many a morning, I have found myself exhausted and less than who my son describes as “Happy Mommy”. When I feel the least like doing anything, that’s when I become the most certain that I should pack up my workout buddies (and the required diapers, goldfish, sunscreen stick, fruit snacks, and pacifiers) and head for the park. Even on the days when I leave the house wanting to “just walk”, I end up so recharged by the fresh air, the sweet little passengers, and the laughter that I never “just walk.” It is on those days that I try especially hard to cherish the joyful little voice yelling “Run, mommies, run!”, parroting instructions like “Tummies in, wrists in neutral!” and even singing along as music plays on the instructor’s phone speakers. Hilarious, right? And so fun.