Erica Shepherd


I have a beautiful, sweet and spicy daughter, Jaylee. My husband is a hard-working, family-man named Jedidiah. Together we are the Shepherd tribe.

We recently relocated to Orange County from Big Bear Lake, Cali and our little family could not be happier! I am a small-town girl at heart, but the heart of my tribe thrives in the city.

When we moved the FIRST thing I researched was local Stroller Strides classes. Fit4Mom Tustin/Irvine. This group of moms has completely changed my life for the better & created bonds I never imagined to be possible in the chaotic world of motherhood.

As moms we are constantly giving and multitasking, with zero privacy or personal time. We sacrifice showers, sleep, meals, and with that our health and spirit slowly drift away from us. We go through phases of not feelIng like our true selves, because we are constantly giving pieces of ourselves to the people who mean the most to us.

As a mom experiencing these things myself, I turned to exercise as an outlet because a glass of wine wasn't cutting it and I wanted to show my daughter the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I have always held fitness and nutrition on a pedestal, but it became even more important once I became a mom. I am forever grateful for Stroller strides because it has helped me to regain my zest for life and be a more patient, loving mom and wife, and I am no less than positive it can do the same for yourself and families.

As mothers, our families rely on us for a never ending list of things; and in order to be the attentive, kind, loving mothers we aspire to be, we need to be the best version of ourselves.

I am here to share my passion for fitness & nutrition with you mamas. I want you all to go through your days feeling confident in your skin and in motherhood. Stroller strides is a perfect place to show your children that self-care and fitness are super fun!

Since children do as we do, not as we say - it is our duty as moms to lead by example. At Fit4Mom that is what we conquer with each class we attend!