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A four-week online challenge for those looking to kick start their New Year's goals.

Challenge runs Jan. 7 - Feb. 4

The Get Fit Challenge is a four-week online challenge designed to give you the accountability you need to meet your health & fitness goals.

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Why the Get Fit Challenge?

Have you ever tried to lose weight but find you lose motivation after a couple of weeks? The Get Fit Challenge is the accountability you need to meet those goals for good.

The Get Fit Challenge is a PLAN to succeed. The kick-off online workshop will focus on developing a plan, proper goal setting, taking your before measurements, and going through your four-week checklist.

Each week will consist of check-ins via your coach, a physical and nutritional challenge, two online HIIT workouts you can do at home. You'll also be in a private accountability group with other challenge members to give & receive support.

Jump start your health with the Get Fit January Challenge!

It's time to get results!

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