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What People Are Saying About FIT4MOM

Get Fit

"I signed up when my son was eight months old. In four months, I lost 26 lbs and met awesome moms. All the moms are friendly. We stay after and the kids play. You and your baby will definitely love it."

- Maribel Z.

Make Friends

"I moved here from Canada last year and didn’t know anyone so I joined Fit4Mom. Now I have the most amazing group of friends and so do my kids! I also do Body Back now too as well! Love it all!"

- Natalie Z.

Get Connected!

"I found this group when my baby was four months old. I honestly wish I would have found it sooner! The instructors are awesome and the other moms are so welcoming. It is a great opportunity to be among people who are going through motherhood just like you! Couldn't be any better!!!"

- Mary A.