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Best Prenatal Workout Classes in Orange County

Congrats, you’re pregnant! Now what?

Most likely, you’ve already starting taking a prenatal vitamin, researched an OBGYN and made your first prenatal appointment, and have started googling ways to stay healthy during pregnancy.

According to reports, most doctors actually recommend doing consistent exercise during pregnancy to help limit weight gain.

Working out while pregnant can help:

  • Reduce back pain
  • Ease constipation
  • Decrease risk of gestational diabetes
  • Promote healthy weight gain
  • Help you lose weight easier after baby is born!

Not to mention, help ease any ailments during your pregnancy!

Are you looking for a workout for pregnant moms in Orange County? Here are the top places to check out!


Irvine, Orange County

There is so much more to working out while pregnant than just prenatal yoga! Fit4Baby combines cardio, strength, balance, flexibility training and meditation to help prepare your body for labor and your mind for motherhood. Following all ACOG (American Congress of OB/GYNs) guidelines for prenatal fitness, FIT4BABY incorporates a cardio component unlike prenatal yoga or pilates.

FIT4BABY also includes monthly workshops taught by local birth educators and a monthly moms night out to help you grow your village before baby comes.

Ma Yoga

Costa Mesa, San Juan Capistrano

Ma Yoga specializes in prenatal yoga for pregnant moms in Orange County. They have classes in Costa Mesa and San Juan Capistrano. They also offer mommy and me yoga for babies up to six months of age.

Unfold Yoga

Brea, Orange County

Unfold Yoga offers prenatal yoga in Brea. They also offer childbirth and education workshops, postpartum support groups, and baby and me yoga.

Mohm Yoga

Mission Viejo

Mohm Yoga offers prenatal yoga as well as mommy and me groups, breastfeeding support group, and parenting classes.